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Thank you Nancy. We love being part of your yoga journey!

“1. As long as I'm making the effort, yoga will never let me down.

For a very long time I had been brainwashed--I need to work harder to be a quick learner and able to do multi task. This made me very stressed and I saw myself as a low achiever for being a slow learner who can do only single task ( I knew this since I was a child because I always wish I could take my time).

After finishing Uni, I thought I'm someone who didn't fit in well for the job market even not well for this fast changing society, I'm usually slower on many things even on my interpersonal skills. Sometimes I would think all the time and energy I spent on my study including coming all the way to Australia was a waste, I didn't get any reward for that. From that point, usually things would get worse, people would stop making effort and just live with the flow, everything becomes meaningless over time. But I'm lucky that I found a good friend--yoga.

My time and work become meaningful to me and to the teachers, we celebrate every progress I made. I could tell not only me but the teachers are thrilled for how much I have improved over time. Slowly I forget about being quick and multi-task. Being slow and single-task might be a disadvantage for many many things, but this has helped me to become a reasonably 'high achiever' in yoga. Finally I could take my time, as long as it takes, as long as I like. I got my reward for being slow and single-task.

2. Yoga helped me find my happiness, it's so real and solid, I can hold it without worrying about losing it one day.

I got this 'mystery' feeling after the first a few weeks I started yoga. I didn't know it's something called 'flow' in psychology until 6 years later. It's a feeling that I couldn't really describe. It might be 'I feel bouncy and full of joy, everything in the world seems especially wonderful', this is a description I found in one of Ted's baby books. For a long time I didn't know why, I feel amazingly happy after each yoga class. Now I think this might my 'flow'.

3. The teachers. It might sound silly. You laughed when I said this yesterday.

Many people think yoga is about self discipline/self sustaining. A lot of yoga teachers I met at other places like Sydney and the US, they don't talk/interact much before, during and after class. For me they are like those yogis doing Askesis, you know, someone so high above floating over the clouds. They are masters hard to reach. I found the teachers in Adelaide are 'chatty' like me, we share a lot all the time, not only about yoga postures but our family and personal life. Can I say you are down to earth? It's a very welcoming community. I like how everyone stays positive and being so passionate about yoga, it's very inspiring.

At the beginning of 2019, I made a new year resolution I have kept it to myself:At the end of 2019, I wish I could touch my head to my knee, touch my chin to my shoulder. This might be a goal that I won't achieve over a long time. Sometimes a goal might never be there to be achieved, it's the effort the work the time the energy that guide me to a place so close to my heart. This is the place of peace and happiness.

I want to say thank you Linda. You helped me get my first 'ahh moment'-how to allocate my strength for triangle posture. I would never forget that moment at Glenelg studio. I got my second 'ahh moment' by watching you doing eagle pose. They are printed in my mind and whenever I'm in those postures I can see them. I have had many many 'ahh moments' since then, but it was you who guided me and opened the door to such an amazing world. I don't normally make wise decisions, doing yoga is the best decision I've ever made.

Yoga has become part of my life, it's so hard to give reasons why I like it because being alive happens naturally. I got up every day without thinking much, live at the present--this is another thing I learnt through yoga.

Sorry for writing such a long email I just have too much to say can't stop.

I'll see you in class

Lots of love Nancy”

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