Yogis Trekking Tips

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

As many of you know Linda was away for a month trekking Mount Everest (wowza!) Here are 5 top tips that got her through the hike:

✔️Pranayama deep breathing -It increases your lung capacity and improves your lungs elasticity, it also oxygenates your body and prepares muscles.

✔️Meditate -Meditation is key! Linda suggest 2-5 minutes before bed. She would sit on her bed and focus on her breath and body.

✔️Rhythmic breathing -In challenging moments Linda would breathe rhythmically to stable her heart beat. 4 inhales, 6 exhales... Try it!

✔️Mantra -Love and Peace. While trekking Linda would repeat the words 'love' and 'peace'... for hours on end!

✔️Yin Yoga -At the end of a long day Linda made sure to take the time to indulge in Yin Yoga; such a great way to end the day and prepare for the next day.

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