Teachers and Testimonials

To become a Bikram Yoga teacher, you have to have a continuous Bikram Yoga practice for 6 months prior to training. Teacher training is an intensive 9 week course, where you practice twice per day, in between classes learn anatomy, physiology, dialogue, first aid, and undertake countless lectures from Bikram himself, Rajashree, Emmy Cleaves, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Specialists, Authors, Research assistants from various universities, Yogis and other special guests. Once complete you have to do a 6 month minimum internship with a certified Bikram Yoga Studio, constant supervision, feedback and knowledge is then passed on. After the 6 months it is expected all teachers to undergo yoga seminars with Senior Bikram Teachers at least once a year, recertify with Bikram or Rajashree every three years, and practice at least 4 times per week. We have what is known as “Quality control” within the community, all teachers are expected to take each other’s classes and then give feedback on the class. We also invite various Bikram Yoga teachers throughout Australia to give us feedback on our classes.

We are constantly striving for our teachers to be the best they can be. If you have any questions regarding teacher training please email me amy@adelaideyoga.com.au

It is important to ensure that all our teachers are not only certified but also
possess enough knowledge to provide all our students with a professional
and consistent experience.

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Amy Kreminski 

Shanon Colley 

Katherine Walter 

Laura Zub 

Bianca Galizzi 

      Emma Hicks 

Linda Carofano 

  Kaitlin Harkess 


Andrew Baldino 

Nat Capriotti


Sally Walker