We believe that a regular yoga practice will impact your life positively and look forward to sharing the benefits that we have encountered with others. Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and open-minded community, for everyone of all ages and backgrounds to practise and enjoy yoga in a safe and uplifting environment. We are extremely passionate about the health and well-being of our students, and love the sense of community at the studios and seeing our students form lifelong relationships. Our positive space and community allow for personal development and self-love. It is our belief that each of our students leaves with a sense of achievement, empowerment, and gratitude. We aim to continue to grow as a studio and community through sharing the healing powers of this yoga! 


We are here for you.


All of our teachers go through an intensive 9-week course where they undergo the Bikram practise twice a day. In between classes our teachers learn anatomy & physiology, yoga therapy, exercise physiology, dialogue, first aid, and undertake countless lectures from Bikram, Rajashree, Emmy Cleaves, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Specialists, Authors, Research assistants from various universities, yogis and other special guests.


Once completed, teachers do a 6-month minimum internship with a certified Bikram Yoga Studio under constant supervision and feedback. For continued learning, all teachers are expected to undergo yoga seminars with senior Bikram teachers at least once a year, recertify with Bikram or Rajashree every three years, and practise at least 4 times per week. We have what is known as “Quality control” within the community. We are constantly striving for our teachers to be the best they can be. If you have any questions regarding teacher training please email bikramyogaglenelg@gmail.com. It is important to ensure that all our teachers are not only certified but also possess enough knowledge to provide all our students with a professional and consistent experience.


Our Yoga Room Eco Statement



New Duct Sock:


Our flexi ducts in our studios with state of the art duct socks. The fabric is specially developed with anti-microbial treatment, which is suited for areas with strict hygiene requirements. The duct sock allows air to permeate through the holes so the room heats up evenly. You will not even feel the heat blowing onto your body!


For Our Planet:


As part of our environmental policy, our business has signed up with Origin Energy in a program called Business Green Earth.


This program purchases electrical power for our business from a wind farm. Currently, the maximum amount a business can dedicate to renewable sources is 20%. We have advised Origin that as new renewable energy programs become available, we will take up that option immediately.


We also participate in a carbon offset program with Origin Energy for our natural gas usage. We have arranged for a 100% carbon offset of our gas consumption, by supporting tree planting to capture CO2, and also by supporting technology to trap methane gas from escaping from waste landfill sites. 


In practicing yoga you have made a commitment to yourself to take care of that beautiful body that carries your soul through this life. By being GREEN we can all help to take care of GAIA, this beautiful earth, which carries ALL of us through our lives.




Allergens, dust particles, and bacteria die up to 20 times faster in the air with a relative humidity of 45 to 55%. The body’s immune system functions better in the air with a relative humidity of 45 to 65%. Humidifying the air can help avoid respiratory infections, nose bleeds, dry skin, muscle pain, sinus, nasal pain, and sore eyes.


Himalayan Salt Lamps


We have Himalayan salt lamps in our yoga rooms. These natural works of art not only look beautiful but they are known for their enormous benefits by neutralising electromagnetic fields. The lamps reduce the number of airborne bacteria indoors and boost our students' wellness. They improve our studios' air quality by creating healthy negative ions and draw water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp (known as hygroscopy). As the lamp is warmed by the globe a gentle chemical reaction takes place. 


Mat Cleaning


Our mats are cleaned daily with eucalyptus oil which is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and antiviral, The antiseptic and deodorant nature of eucalyptus oil makes it a perfect room freshener. It also kills bacteria and germs in the air and keeps the room environment clean.