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Amy Kreminski

I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2001 in Jersey, Channel Islands and became addicted instantly. After practicing for 8 months and living abroad for 2 years I thought it was time to return to Australia, when I returned there was no Bikram Yoga in Adelaide, and only one in Melbourne and Sydney! I was so depressed not being able to continue my practice so I decided to head over to LA and do teacher training.


I graduated Teacher Training in November 2002. After which, I returned and moved to Sydney for 12 months to complete my internship, whilst there 3 more Bikram studios were built and I was very busy teaching in 4 studios all over Sydney. After my stint in Sydney I came back home to Adelaide and opened the first Bikram Yoga in Pirie Street. After 7 years at the Pirie street studio it became very clear we had outgrown the space, so we relocated to Pulteney Street. In August 2012 we opened the 2nd Bikram Yoga studio in Glenelg.


My favourite posture is Standing Head to knee, I will never forget the first time I saw a fellow practitioner doing it and I thought “That’s amazing, I want to do that”! It’s a posture that takes great strength, courage and determination, you can never give up. 


My yoga practice and teaching is evolving all the time. In 2006 I practiced whilst I was pregnant which I believe helped me stay focused and calm during my pregnancy. I have participated in 3 Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Championships, my first in 2007, when my son was 8 months old, then again in 2008, and 2011. I also judged the championship in 2009 and 2010. And again in 2012.


I have practiced Bikram’s Advanced Yoga since 2007, and have completed Bikram’s Advanced Seminar on the Gold Coast in January 2012. 

Bikram insists all his teachers are re-certified every 3 years, I have been re-certified twice by him and once with Rajashree (Bikrams Wife). As a Teacher and Director its important all of us are reconnected and continue learning this practice. Our knowledge can then flow on to the students. I presently practice 6 times per week, depending on my schedule, and teach 5 classes per week.

In September 2012 we hosted the first Regional Yoga Championship and 9 of our students went on to compete nationally in February 2013.


In November 2013 I competed and won the Regional Yoga Championship. The feeling of having all my hard work finally paying off was something I will never forget.

In September 2014 we opened our third yoga studio in Modbury, I feel so blessed I can bring this yoga to another community and look forward to meeting new students whose life I can change for the better.


In April 2015, I became Adelaide's only accredited Hot Pilates teacher after travelling to Las Vegas for training. We introduced Adelaide's first Hot Pilates classes to our city studio, shortly after.


In February 2017, I completed my Yin Yoga teacher training with Jo Phee.

I am devoted to this practice and love sharing it to my students. Life is amazing, and I am truly thankful.



Linda Carofano

I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2005 and had never previously done any yoga before. My first class is a bit of a blurr now, I think I attempted everything but remember saying to myself, “Is this yoga?” over and over again. I also remember how much energy I had after class and how amazing I felt. I started practicing more and more, I guess you could say I got addicted!

Now I practice 6-7 times a week. 


In September 2010, I went to Bikram yoga teacher training in San Diego with Shannon and Katherine. We all shared amazing experiences. I personally learnt so much about myself, yoga, the body and mind. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and am so grateful for having the opportunity to go.


I teach 5-6 classes a week and am also a practicing speech pathologist. I absolutely love teaching and sharing all the amazing information I was privileged to learn at teacher training to help people improve their bodies and mind.


I continue to enjoy the challenges of Bikrams beginners’ class everyday and also enjoy practicing the advanced series a couple of times a week with other teachers and students who wish to compete in the annual Bishnu Gosh Yoga Championships, which I also love to do. My favourite postures are standing head to knee and standing bow pulling pose as they both take tremendous strength, flexibility and focus and continually challenge me.


My goals for the future are to continue to share yoga with as many people as possible and continue to practice and appreciate all I have been blessed with in my life. In August 2012 I opened up the second Bikram Yoga studio in Glenelg, Im so blessed that I have a job I love going to everyday!


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