Join us on our 30 Day Challenge! #BETHEBESTVERSIONOFYOU

The Challenge begins Monday, 12th April 2021.

Take on the challenge of completing 30 classes in 30 days, whether it be:

  • Bikram Yoga to practise your open-eye meditation, work on strength, flexibility, focus & endurance

  • Align Hot Pilates to build muscle & tone up

  • Vinyasa Flow to create strength, flexibility, body stability & tune in to your breath

  • Yin Yoga to restore, slow down, still the mind & practise mindfulness

  • Online classes count too!

The classes on offer at our 3 studios and online provide you with the opportunity to keep up a daily practice. You might like to set your intentions to deepen your understanding of your practice, master a pose that you’re currently struggling with, practise more mindfully, or maybe you just want to be the best version of yourself! Daily practice will teach you how to be more mindful in your everyday life, provide your body with more energy & create an overall great feeling through self-love & discipline. Practise with many other like-minded people whom you’ll get to know in our studios over the 30 days! Or maybe, take your practice to the next level by:

❤️ Taking on the challenge with a friend

💛 Start some good habits (more veggies in your diet, daily celery juice to kickstart your morning; commit to 2 extra serves of veggies every day)

💜 Dropping a vice (sugar...alcohol...caffeine... 😬)...

What if I miss a day? What if I can’t get to a class on time?

We have the option of classes both online & at home! With 3 studios & classes spread throughout each day, there are lots of opportunities to get your body moving on a daily basis. You can always make up classes by doubles, back-to-back classes or one in the morning & one at night. (The idea is a daily practice, but if you have a weekend planned away… you’ve got options!)

Upon completion of the challenge...

Make sure that you write your name on our challenge board at the studios and mark off each time! You can also keep track of this via your MindBody App. Students who practise at least 30 classes in the 30 days go into the draw to win a private class! You can also continue your positive changes if you wish with our special offer - a discounted 3-month membership, usually $490 for $350.

**Draw for private class & discounted pass only available to students who complete the 30 classes in 30 days.


Upfront Payment: $165

$165 for students on Nourish Membership or Vitality Pack

Free for students on Wellness Membership or Online Wellness Membership

To join us, sign up via clicking on the image below or in-studio.


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