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Amazing testimonial by Daniel

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Thank you Daniel for sharing your story📷🙏🏻

"When I reflect on my past and consider the daily, destructive life choices that I was making and abuse I was inflicting upon myself (the substances that I was ingesting, inhaling, smoking) throughout my teenage and adult life, prior to beginning Yoga, it's a miracle that I was still breathing and had a functioning brain.

Those close to me could see that I had a drug problem, I even knew I had a drug problem but for quite some time it was a "difference of opinion" because of my stubbornness and ignorance to accept reality... for me, during that time in my life, the only perceived problem I thought I faced regarding the drugs, was working out which one "helped", and that I enjoyed taking, the most.

It all began when I was 15 years of age as a way to cope. I was masking and suppressing the psychological issues that I wasn't prepared to, and never dealt with, when my cousin was tragically killed in a car accident. When my marriage broke down five years ago, my drug use dramatically increased, once again as my "default coping mechanism", and I spiralled out of control on crystal methamphetamine.

When you hit rock bottom, there is only one of two choices to be made......

Something had to change. I'm tremendously grateful for the complete transformation, and for the second chance at life, that yoga has given me.

To awake each morning, breathe, hear the birds sing, see the trees, feel the warmth from the sun, witness life in all of its wonder, is truly precious."


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