Buteyko Breathing Workshops (Breathing Re-Training)

Buteyko Breathing Workshops at Modbury Studio

Saturday 16th January & Saturday 23rd January

11:30am to 1:30pm

Breathing Re-Training

A 2-part course with Mim Beim, Naturopath and Breathing Coach.

We all breathe. It’s part of life. Your breathing has got you this far, so why change now? However, dysfunctional breathing is surprisingly common. Signs your breathing may be dysfunctional include mouth breathing, snoring, sighing, yawning and throat clearing. Dysfunctional breathing may be associated with conditions including sleep apnoea, asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, IBS and reflux.

Breathing retraining based on the Buteyko method and recent research helps to restore your breathing to a new normal, recalibrating the respiratory centre in the brain via neuroplasticity.

Week 1 - Saturday 16th January

This lesson is practical in nature, revolving around learning breathing exercises that will, in effect, retrain your breathing pattern. You will be expertly guided by Mim, to understand and recognise what sensations you should be experiencing with each exercise. You will be given breathing ‘homework’ depending on your individual requirements.

Week 2 - Saturday 23rd January

The second lesson is deliberately scheduled one week further on, to allow you time to practice your breathing exercises and experience the benefits. In this lesson, you will learn the theory that underpins these exercises, including the principles of Buteyko breathing. This lesson is also practical, you will learn refinements to the exercises and of course, Mim is on hand to answer all your questions.

A little about Mim ...

Mim Beim is a naturopath with 33 years of experience. In 2011 Mim travelled to the US to study with world-leading Breathing Expert, Patrick McKeown. Mim has continued studying breathing techniques including the Buteyko Method, and continues to be amazed at the benefits breathing retraining brings to her patients and students.

This includes:

- Two x 2-hour live webinars, hosted by Mim Beim, who will be joining us from Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands.

- A recording of the webinars will be available for those unable to attend both sessions.

- Access to breathing resources on Mim Beim’s website

Price: $72 per person

Link to some information and short instructional videos:


RSVP to these workshops: https://www.adelaideyoga.com.au/event-details/buteyko-breathing-workshops-breathing-re-training

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