Introduction to Qigong with Paula

Introduction to Qigong with Paula

Sunday, 13th June (10:00am – 11:00am)


Non-heated room.

Bring along: mat, towel, water & wear comfortable clothing.

Beginner friendly, all levels welcome. No prior knowledge or experience necessary!

Qi = Energy & Gong = Work or Skill

Come experience an enlightening offering of modern Qigong.

A beautifully sequenced class comprised of slow flowing movements which work with the Chinese energetic systems within the body that will heal the body and organs from within, creating vitality and increasing longevity.

The term “Qigong” came into general usage as recently as the mid-20th Century, with the origins of the wellness practices stemming from Chinese medicine. Qigong is a combination of "Qi" (life-force, bioenergy, creativity, consciousness, breath, function) and "gong" (cultivation or practice over time). It is a self-initiated health and wellness practice consisting of a combination of movement, meditation, and breathing, which can also include self-massage.

Benefits of Qigong practice include:

  • Optimisation of the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the tissues

  • Increased efficiency of cellular metabolism

  • Altered neurochemistry towards healing, managing pain & mood

  • Reduces heart rate & blood pressure

  • Helps in facilitating relaxation and mental focus

  • Excellent for stress reduction

  • Aids in the prevention of illness & dealing with chronic illness

  • Promotes active aging and increases longevity

  • Can be practised sitting, standing, moving, still or lying down

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Introduction to Qigong with Paula

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