Monday Morning Remedy

Have you got pain in your sciatica? Or maybe your hips are feeling super tight?... We have a posture for that!

Pigeon/ Sleeping Swan This posture is a great one to practise at home- we suggest you hold this posture 3-5 minutes on each side, work with your body and see how you feel!

✔️ Externally rotates your front hip

✔️Opens outer portion of your hip and upper thigh (IT band)

✔️Sleeping Swan: Massages abdominal organs, great for digestion

✔️Can relieve symptoms of sciatica

✔️Affects the lower spine (the psoas muscle and the connective tissue around the are)

Teachers tip: Don't be afraid to use a prop- if there is too much sensation in your hip and it gets a little intense, pop a rolled up towel/block in the appropriate area for your body.

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