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We are so excited to be up and running, it's such a good feeling to see all of our familiar faces and new ones too! Here at Bikram Yoga Modbury, Glenelg and Adelaide, we believe in Mindful Moving- taking things slow, noticing and allowing them to pass.

Mindful moving is letting go of the Ego (that little voice inside you telling you, ‘you’re not enough’, ‘you should be better’, etc.) While practising yoga we learn the art of responding rather than reacting.

As we move through life we will face moments of uncertainty or unfamiliarity and as these moments arise, it is normal for the mind to become distracted, heart rate to increase and breath to become a little sharper. That is your sympathetic nervous system activated.

Noticing the breath is vital. Your breath will not change your situation but it will keep you connected to the present moment and it will change the way you feel and respond.

Responding is noticing an uncomfortable/ challenging moment for what it is; it is a present state of mind, completely neutral and still. Responding is understanding that these sensations: a) do not serve you and b) are temporary. When you respond you are practising the term ‘This too shall pass.’

Whereas, Reacting is impulsive; unable/ unwilling to see past the present moment. By this stage your mind has wondered, you have possibly drawn up the worst-case scenario and your body may be experiencing a state of shock. Reacting is impulsive and at times can be painful.

We suggest a daily dose of yoga. A consistent practise will give you the chance to check back in with your mind, body and soul. As you practise, you have the ability to rewire the way you respond, moving into a sense of peace, harmony and acceptance for who you are the current situation. Come and meet us on the mat!

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