Our AWESOME teachers.

Amy Kreminski Owner

started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2001 in Jersey, Channel Islands and became addicted instantly. After practicing for 8 months and living abroad for 2 years I thought it was time to return to Australia, when I returned there was no Bikram Yoga in Adelaide, and only one in Melbourne and Sydney! I was so depressed not being able to continue my practice so I decided to head over to LA and do teacher training.


I graduated Teacher Training in November 2002. After which, I returned and moved to Sydney for 12 months to complete my internship, whilst there 3 more Bikram studios were built and I was very busy teaching in 4 studios all over Sydney. After my stint in Sydney I came back home to Adelaide and opened the first Bikram Yoga in Pirie Street. After 7 years at the Pirie street studio it became very clear we had outgrown the space, so we relocated to Pulteney Street.


In August 2012 we opened the 2nd Bikram Yoga studio in Glenelg.


My favourite posture is Standing Head to knee, I will never forget the first time I saw a fellow practitioner doing it and I thought “That’s amazing, I want to do that”! It’s a posture that takes great strength, courage and determination, you can never give up. 


My yoga practice and teaching is evolving all the time. In 2006 I practiced whilst I was pregnant which I believe helped me stay focused and calm during my pregnancy. I have participated in 3 Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Championships, my first in 2007, when my son was 8 months old, then again in 2008, and 2011. I also judged the championship in 2009 and 2010. And again in 2012.


I have practiced Bikram’s Advanced Yoga since 2007, and have completed Bikram’s Advanced Seminar on the Gold Coast in January 2012. 

Bikram insists all his teachers are re-certified every 3 years, I have been re-certified twice by him and once with Rajashree (Bikrams Wife) As a Teacher and Director its important all of us are reconnected and continue learning this practice. Our knowledge can then flow on to the students. 

I presently practice 6 times per week, depending on my schedule, and teach 5 classes per week.

In September 2012 we hosted the first Regional Yoga Championship and 9 of our students went on to compete nationally in February 2013.

In November 2013 I competed and won the Regional Yoga Championship. The feeling of having all my hard work finally paying off was something I will never forget.

In September 2014 we opened our third yoga studio in Modbury, I feel so blessed I can bring this yoga to another community and look forward to meeting new students whose life I can change for the better.


In April 2015, I became Adelaide's only accredited Hot Pilates teacher after travelling to Las Vegas for training. We introduced Adelaide's first Hot Pilates classes to our city studio, shortly after.


In February 2017, I completed my Yin Yoga teacher training with Jo Phee.

I am devoted to this practice and love sharing it to my students. Life is amazing, and I am truly thankful.



Linda Carofano


I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2005 and had never previously done any yoga before. My first class is a bit of a blurr now, I think I attempted everything but remember saying to myself, “Is this yoga?” over and over again. I also remember how much energy I had after class and how amazing I felt. I started practicing more and more, I guess you could say I got addicted!

Now I practice 6-7 times a week. 


In September 2010, I went to Bikram yoga teacher training in San Diego with Shannon and Katherine. We all shared amazing experiences. I personally learnt so much about myself, yoga, the body and mind. It really was a once in a lifetime experience and am so grateful for having the opportunity to go.


I teach 5-6 classes a week and am also a practicing speech pathologist. I absolutely love teaching and sharing all the amazing information I was privileged to learn at teacher training to help people improve their bodies and mind.


I continue to enjoy the challenges of Bikrams beginners’ class everyday and also enjoy practicing the advanced series a couple of times a week with other teachers and students who wish to compete in the annual Bishnu Gosh Yoga Championships, which I also love to do. My favourite postures are standing head to knee and standing bow pulling pose as they both take tremendous strength, flexibility and focus and continually challenge me.


My goals for the future are to continue to share yoga with as many people as possible and continue to practice and appreciate all I have been blessed with in my life. In August 2012 I opened up the second Bikram Yoga studio in Glenelg, Im so blessed that I have a job I love going to everyday!



My first exposure to Bikram Yoga was whilst watching a morning tv segment in 2004.


I was immediately interested, however it was by chance that I stumbled across the Bikram Yoga studio in Adelaide. In 2005 I did my first class - I was surprised and a little disappointed at my ability as I had studied and performed dance for a number of years. I wasn’t sure if Bikram Yoga was for me. I decided to stick with it and I’m really pleased that I did because over the years I have grown to love Bikram Yoga and it has become a part of my day to day life.


The next step of my Bikram Yoga experience was to complete the Teacher Training in San Diego 2010.


I practice regulary 5-6 classes per week in addition to Bikram’s Advanced classes. I believe the Advanced classes improve your overall practice and I have competed twice in the Bishnu Gosh Yoga Championships. These competions are a great opportunity to push yourself and to train for.

Bikram Yoga is such a fulfilling part of my life. It has brought many positive changes to my life and I have found that I’m always learning.



Laura Z.

I’ll never forget my first Bikram Yoga class. It was a Saturday morning and I had no idea what I was in for. The room was hot and the first breathing exercise was weird. Confused yet intrigued, I made it through the class and stepped outside the studio. WOW. Despite being drenched in sweat, never in my life had I ever felt so clean, fresh, happy and alive as at that very moment. My head was CLEAR.


That was many years ago now and I haven’t ever looked back. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I had to teach this yoga - I wanted to share it with the world. So a year and a half later, I jetted off to Los Angeles for Teacher Training. It was mentally and physically gruelling, but a life changing experience and easily the best thing I have ever done for myself. The most valuable lesson I learnt at Teacher Training is that we have more power inside of us than we will ever realise. When I began to see and believe this, I witnessed myself push beyond my ’limits’ and capabilities time and time again. This gave me the strong faith that I have in my students today - when I tell them that they CAN do it, I know with all of my heart that they CAN.


I enjoy a regular practice 5-6 times per week, plus the Advanced class (for teachers and competitors) 1-2 times per week. I teach full time and am truly living the dream!


I know that I will continue to study and practice yoga for the rest of my life, there will always be more to learn. I look forward to passing all of my valuable knowledge on to our students. My goal in life is to help people help themselves, and I truly believe Bikram Yoga is the answer. Every day I am so very grateful that I am able to help people and play a small part in their transformation. 



Bianca G.

I first tried Bikram Yoga in 2009. I had heard about this hot yoga and was interested to see what is was all about. I had tried other forms of yoga but never enjoyed them enough to go back more than once. I knew Bikram was going to be a challenge for me just purely based on the temperature as I didn’t like heat or humidity at all. During my first class I was so challenged mentally and physically by the heat but I loved the feeling of training my mind not to give in. It was so empowering.


After practicing for a few weeks I noticed my body felt amazing. I had more energy, felt more relaxed and ease with life in general and started to notice improvements in my flexibility straight away. I also noticed that headaches and neck pain I used to get prior to practicing Bikram became less and less frequent.


Bikram yoga has helped me balance my life in so many ways. It has helped my mind to overcome and deal with lifes ‘stresses’ better and helped my body to heal and become pain free after years of niggling injuries from sports and car accidents.


I feel this yoga has really improved my general health and quality of life in so many ways and I wish to help others experience that feeling for themselves.


Bikram yoga is one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received (the gift that keeps giving... probably because it is never “easy”!).


I stumbled upon this blessing as a cross-country runner with little desire to properly stretch (I did not have time for that!). I was physically suffering and went in search of some “organized stretching.” I was recommended to try this “Bikram Yoga” thing. I showed up to my first class without any idea it would be a heated room... I loved it! Running soon became a thing of the past and I jumped into the Bikram community.


The community itself is one of the grandest blessings – I have travelled widely and I always feel connected to and welcome in the Bikram studios around the world. In addition to providing me with a wonderful circle of friends my body began to heal, knee aches and shine-splints becoming a thing of the past.


Perhaps more profound than the physical change that has taken place over the 9 years I have been practicing is the mental shift which is occurring. I am continuously finding an increased ability to focus and a deeper sense of peace than that which I have experienced prior.


I could spend page after page listing the ways this practice changed and is changing my life, yet I will just take a moment to highlight one more. In my early 20s a tumour was found on my thyroid, resulting in the removal of  a half of it. It was expected that this would result in me taking medication to help bring my thyroxin levels back up to “normal.” When practicing yoga regularly I have not experienced any hypothyrodism symptoms (interestingly, when travelling and away from the practice for extended periods I do start to notice such effects). I have no doubt that this practice, which brings me such peace of mind, restores the balance to my body – keeping me medication free.


In addition to my practice, teaching is a passion of mine. Every class is a gift, to see practitioners’ working through their own challenges with such fervour is at least as humbling as whittling away at my own issues on the mat. I hope that everyone might have the chance to find a place where they can experience the moments of bliss I know to present to myself in the hot room.




I’m guessing many might relate to how I came to know this yoga.

I followed a dear friend to my first Bikram class a couple years back not knowing a thing about it.  I remember laying down in Savasana for about 50 minutes, flipping out, then finishing class determined NEVER to return.  I was back 2 days later :)

Over the past 2 years, I’ve learnt how a regular practice can have a wonderfully positive impact on my total existence.  Pain and struggle inside the room bring  me so much peace and joy outside.  I resolve so much of my daily life inside those postures.  The answers are really in the room.

With our ever-changing body and minds, it never ceases to amaze me how unique every class is despite practicing the exact same routine.  One day, you can walk in the room feeling like superman, then be pummeled to the floor.  Another day you drag yourself in feeling like it’s the end of the world, and you can rock an amazingly strong class.

This yoga is the shit! 


I started yoga in early 2009 after being inspired by my mum, who was practicing regularly and looked better than ever.


I had wanted to try yoga for a long time before I did but found many excuses such as lack of time, money and energy. My first class is a blur but i remember it beginning with unintentional swaying in the first breathing exercise and for what seemed to be a lifetime later ending on my knees.


From day 1 I had a love hate relationship with yoga, which was reflected in my intermittent practice. I really struggled in the room but was always surprised at how energised I felt afterwards..... yet the thought of going back into a room where I struggled always delayed my return. Over time, my intermittent practice turned into a regular on. Regular practice led to me training for competition which led me on my path to teacher training.


I completed my teacher training in LA, fall 2013. I am fortunate enough to teach at both the Adelaide and Glenelg studios. I practice 4-6 times a week. I am also a registered nurse (graduated 2012). My favourite posture is camel, as it teaches me the art of letting go and seeing things from a different perspective (upside down!) For me it’s a heart opening and liberating posture.


Regular practice gives me energy and a continuosly expanding mind-body connection. I no longer say that "I Can’t" because I know that I can do anything - if not now, eventually, in the future.


When you come to class, leave your expectations at the door, it’s just you and your mat for 90 minutes. Let go, trust in yoga and see what you can do in the moment.


“I started practicing Bikram Yoga four years ago, my first experience with Bikram was ‘Oh my God”! I couldn’t sleep that night after class, I had so much energy, and as much as my first class almost killed me I couldn’t wait to come back. I was in a haze.


After a year of practicing I moved to Byron to do an Iyenger Yoga course. The course was right next door to the Bikram Studio in Byron and the whole time I felt I was in the wrong studio. I just wanted to practice Bikram! So after a year I moved back and decided I wanted to be a Bikram Yoga teacher.


I certified in November 2010, in San Diego, USA. Teacher training was intense, hard, really hard, life changing but I could go back tomorrow.

My favourite posture is Camel pose, I always experience something different when I practice it. As a beginner I was always afraid of doing camel, but then one day it hit me - wow, and I felt so good!


I now practice 5-6 classes per week and teach full time. I have began practicing Bikram’s Advanced class and am completing the Advanced Course in January on the Gold Coast. Teaching is the most rewarding , I love to watch people’s bodies and minds change.


My body and practice is changing too, its hard work and there’s no way around it. If you put in 100% you will get back so much.


My goal next year is to compete in the Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Championship, and to keep learning from my students and peers as much as I can.

I truly love sharing this yoga, it’s a gift!” 

Bianca T.

I started Bikram Yoga when I was 19. Instant love. The heat, the challenge, the sweat and the energy in the room had me hooked from my first session. The more I practised the more I became addicted. And what a wonderful addiction. To be addicted to loving yourself, keeping your insides healthy, outsides looking good, learning balance, learning to accept the person you are and growing more and more stronger physically and mentally with every class.


I competed in two Bikram Yoga competitions within two years and the second one made it to Nationals. This really furthered my practice. Honestly the more you practice the better it gets.


I took some time to travel through India, did loads of yoga and more personal growth. It was during these travels I worked out I really want to share this yoga. What drove me to be a Bikram Yoga teacher was the students. What crazy indivduals! They love a challenge, they're fierce, hot hearted, full of fire power, open minded and take resposibilty for themselves. Honouring their being. What an awesome group of people to share this yoga with.


For me this yoga is all about healing. Healing the body physically and internally as well as healing the mind. Yoga and meditation is not about escaping your life, its about bringing you back to your life. Back to you. Being fully present with everything that is. This includes the struggle, discomfort and challenges we face in the room. This yoga shows you were your at, how your body feels, where your thoughts are and then you learn to accept that.


I completed my teacher training in Thailand the end of 2014, which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Bikram Yoga for me is no longer an exercise its a whole lifestyle. It has given me what I need not what I want. From the food I eat to my sleep patterns and my lifestyle choices. What I learn on my yoga mat I apply to my life, my personality, my very being. Infact even while I am sitting here I have my legs folded in lotus pose! (its how yogis sit) haha. I will forever be grateful for this wonderful Yoga and being able to share it.

The divine in me honors the divine in you. Namaste.

Laura H.

I started practicing at Bikram Yoga Dunedin in 2009, after driving past the studio almost every day on my way to university.


I was a gym bunny, competing in body sculpting, and at the time was at the gym everyday and at the pilates studio two to three times a week. After attending my first Bikram Yoga class I remember saying that it was the worst thing I had ever done and would never go back. I couldn’t even straighten my legs let alone lock my knee. I returned to the studio a week later and after a month I signed up for an unlimited membership.


It took a while longer to cancel my gym membership tho! 


I found that the yoga gave me something in my life that I was missing as I was rushing between working full time and studying law at university. I decided to go to teacher training in 2013 after relocating to Sydney for a job. I was sitting in a management meeting listening to a motivational speaker telling us that we should all be doing something we love. I think he was there to encourage us to be better managers but the penny dropped for me and I realised that I needed to do something different with my life.


Since becoming a teacher I taught for several studios in New Zealand before returning to Australia and settling in Adelaide. Most recently I took the opportunity to train as a Yin Yoga teacher and to pass on my knowledge of pilates and weight training by becoming an Adelaide Hot Pilates instructor. I enjoy the constant challenges that Bikram Yoga provides, both body and mind. Bikram Yoga has become something more than exercise for me, it has become my way of life which continues to evolve.


I started practising Bikram yoga more than 10 years ago, coming from a gym and triathlon background. I remember thinking before my first class that yoga might not be 'hard core' enough, but when the teacher (Amy K) announced through that first class, "you've made it through the warm-up", I literally LOL'd, thinking she was joking; but she wasn’t – and I was dying!


Physically Bikram yoga gives me everything I need for a great work out, but it is perhaps the mental benefits that have impacted on my life most of all.


Being forced to focus, concentrate and meditate on yourself in the mirror for 90 minutes, has helped me to learn a healthy self-love and self-acceptance.


I no longer worry what others might think of me, because by being true to yourself you are also being true to those around you. Bikram says the most important person in your life is YOU, and that by taking care of yourself you can better take care of others. Bikram's yoga has helped me see that true happiness comes not from external sources, but from within.


I've been addicted to Bikram yoga since my first class and a regular practise will be part of my life forever.


I’ve been blessed to have been a teacher since 2011. My favourite part of teaching is welcoming brand new people to the hot room. It is so rewarding when new students come back for more and especially when they become regular practitioners, and I know they are experiencing the tremendous benefits of this powerful yoga.


Come and join us on the mat! Namaste.


Leah Sommerfield was first introduced to Bikram Yoga by her lifelong best friend in 2007. Leah had developed numerous injuries due training for many years as a long distance runner and her first Bikram Yoga class was a struggle! But the benefits of Bikram Yoga shined through and Leah continued to return to the hot room. Six months into her practice Leah flew to Acapulco, Mexico to attend the

nine week Bikram Yoga intensive Teacher Training Program.  The experience changed her life forever and reinforced her desire to share Bikram Yoga with others.  Leah taught her first class in Acapulco, Mexico and has been blessed with the opportunity to teach in numerous cities in Canada, as well as, Annapolis, United States and Pune, India.

In 2011 Leah became a Registered Dietitian and started healing people within a hospital setting in Ottawa, Ontario. After a year of working as a Registered Dietitian Leah took a temporary leave to fully a life long dream of independently travelling around the world. She booked a one-way ticket to China and travelled to 30 countries over the span of 16 months! Leah strives to combine her deep love for yoga with her knowledge of nutrition to help individuals find their true state of health and realize their potential.


I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2007. My instant love for Bikram Yoga encouraged me to practice everyday from the beginning, and eventually to join the advnced practice, seminars and competitions. After discovering how much the practice has improved my body and mind, I quit my job in the Philippines to become a Bikram Yoga teacher and graduated in the spring of 2011.

Yoga is life time learning and always challenging. My focus in yoga practice is meditation as the Sutra says "Yoga is stilling the activities of the mind." Teaching is meditative and very rewarding. I love seeing your smiling happy faces on your way out after the class and seeing your transformation practice by practice. Your hardwork is my inspiration. Be happy, do yoga! See you tomorrow on the mat. Love Rieko.



I started practicing Bikram Yoga in February 2010 in Belfast. It had taken me 6 months to work up the courage to go to the studio, and I was so nervous I took my mum along for moral support! Like most people when they start, I found the heat to be intense (Northern Irish folk don’t tend to be well acclimated to heat!), and I struggled through the 90 minutes in complete awe of the other students in the class. However, I loved it and I just had to go back for more. I adopted a regular practice very quickly because it made me feel energised and happy in my own being. Yoga is an enormously powerful tool for improving physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, all of which positively impacts on your relationship with yourself. Growing your practice develops confidence, and the continual potential for growth is incredibly addictive. I also credit Bikram Yoga with helping to keep me sane during the stresses of my PhD, and as I adapt to life far from home.



I completed my first yoga teacher training in 2013, focusing on Pregnancy and Post-Natal yoga, and then graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in November 2014 in Thailand – an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience on every level. It is a privilege to combine my passions for yoga and teaching and to help students tap into their potential. I love the familiarity of the Bikram series, but that every class is different thanks to our ever-changing body and mind. I am grateful every day for the yoga community and the inspiring yogis and teachers I have met – I am continually learning on the mat and on the podium. I am fortunate now to be a part of this fabulous yoga community in Adelaide, and to now be teaching in Glenelg, Modbury, and the City studios. I hope to see you on the mat very soon; be positive, be patient, be persistent. Keep your eyes open, breathing normal.


My Bikram Yoga journey commenced in March 2006, as was I settling into life in Los Angeles.  I remember my first class being an incredible challenge.  But, I was back in the hot room the next day and I kept going back. I had found my true passion.  I am so grateful Bikram Yoga developed into an important and consistent part of my life.  I have met, learnt from and practised with some of the most amazing and inspiring people over the years.  My teachers helped me fall in love with Bikram Yoga ... and continue to do so.


With consistent practice, I have come a long way since my Bikram Yoga journey began and I now maintain a healthy balance of Bikram Yoga and Yin Yoga.  I love how I lose myself in class and I welcome the different challenges and experiences each class brings.  I am always learning about myself, the postures and connecting my body, mind and spirit.  I believe I have changed for the better in a number of ways – physically, mentally and spiritually.  Yoga sure has improved the quality of my life outside the yoga room.


I attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in April 2012, in Los Angeles.  Being a part of the demonstration team at our graduation was a real highlight of this time.  Becoming a certified Bikram Yoga teacher has been a real dream come true.  I have since taught at a number of cities around the globe - at studios in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, Cobargo, Glastonbury (CT), Boston and Luxembourg.  As a teacher, it is wonderful to be able to share my knowledge and experiences.  I enjoy assisting others to embrace the yoga and experience its numerous benefits.  I feel teaching is an extension of my practice ... I teach from the heart, with energy and enthusiasm.  I also regularly teach Kids Yoga and I have competed in both regional and national Yoga Asana Championships since 2009.


I look forward to practising with you and, as a teacher, guiding you through your yoga practice.  See you in the hot room!


I started practicing Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates in July of 2016. I remember walking to my first class in the pouring cold rain, thinking why? why? why? and then I was greeted by the warmth of the hot room and I knew why. A couple of months later, in October, I was trained up as a Hot Pilates Teacher, which has been such a fun, amazing, humbling continuous lesson, that I will always be grateful for.


I am currently studying a Certificate 3 in Group Fitness, which I’m gaining so much knowledge from. Exercise has always been super important to me. However moving my body now has such a deeper meaning, seeing people come to my classes and gain so much strength in their mind and body never gets old.


Teaching Hot Pilates is the best, the music, the people and their sweaty smiling faces after class, is so rewarding. It is non stop learning, always finding out different things about myself, teaching, the human body and being inspired by people’s motivation and stories. My favourite exercises are probably Mountain Climber (I used to dread it.) and too many core exercises to count.


Within the Bikram Yoga Series, I will never stop loving everything about Half Moon with Hands to Feet pose. Such a healing way to start practice for me. Every week, I am always so excited for what the hot room has ready for me. New classes to teach, new people to teach, new challenges to face and I have Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates by my side the whole time.


My Bikram Yoga experience began when the Adelaide studio was in Pirie Street, around 2004. Afriend at work recommended the yoga to me thinking it would be something I’d like. I remember having an intense, almost love-hate relationship with Bikram yoga initially for the first few years.


The heat was overwhelming most of the time, my lack of flexibility and balance could be frustrating and clearing my monkey mind in savasana felt almost impossible. My yoga practice fluctuated for a few years, I loved the stretch and cleansing feeling that Bikram yoga gave me and I felt it complimented the running and cycling that was my main exercise go-to during my late twenty’s andearly thirty’s.


Around 2009 I began practising 2-3 times per week and by 2012 I bit the bullet and decided to practice at least 4 times per week and signed up for a direct debit. That was a big commitment for me as I am a bit of a ‘numbers’ girl and would never ‘waste’ money on a gym membership or the like, if I signed up - I’d turn up, no excuses, no question. Value for money!! My yoga practice gave me peace and it gave me a break from the unexplainable depression I was suffering in my mid thirty’s. I felt I was at a breaking point when I decided to take a sabbatical from everything I knew and head to teacher training in Los Angeles, September 2013 for 9 weeks. It was an amazing experience, physically and emotionally challenging, but I am very gratefully and humbled to have been afforded such an opportunity of a lifetime.


Since teacher training Bikram yoga for me has changed and evolved more and more. I have never taught full time so I feel I have much to learn as a teacher, and I’m ok with that. There are many great mentors around me. As for my yoga practice that has changed so much through pregnancy and returning to the mat post baby with a completely different body and a completely different practice. Learning to let go of what I could do in the past, or what I want my body to do is a constant on the mat and also in life, less attachment and more acceptance. Learning to breathe in and out calmly, let go of any expectations and just listen to the teacher and the dialogue has helped me so much in my practice. Yoga is now a constant in my life that I am so grateful for.


Teaching is always a joy and a pleasure, I feel very blessed to share this yoga with others.




In early 2013 I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, possibly too quickly. I put a lot of pressure on myself, I was on a strict diet including a strict workout regime - not very healthy! I grew tired and decided to try Bikram Yoga with a friend for something different. One of my first classes was a UV class hosted at the Pulteney street studio in the City. It was quite a funny experience as I had no idea what I was doing and to top it off the lights were off! However, I gave it my all and laughed it off because the teachers were so encouraging. I kept at it and after my 10 day intro pass ended I signed up for direct debit membership straight away, I was hooked! I found I could really switch off during class, 90 minutes of me time.


Over the next few years I had a love-hate relationship with Bikram Yoga. Some weeks I would practice 6 days a week and other weeks none at all. I needed balance, in the end I took a break and focused more on my University degree. I went through some personal heartache and stress and found the yoga calling me back. I returned with so much drive and purpose.


In 2016 I completed my first 30 day challenge and took private classes from Linda Carofano to further expand my practice. In September 2016 I travelled to Thailand and attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training for 9 weeks. The training was very intense but so rewarding, really life changing stuff. In December 2016 I started teaching my first classes as a teacher. My mouth was so dry from nerves I could barely get the dialogue out that I worked so hard on memorising.


My favourite posture at the moment is Trikanasana, Triangle pose. This actually comes as a shock as it was always the one posture that I constantly dreaded each class. My mindset has changed thanks to the yoga, I now look at challenging situations differently. I used to use excuses during class that “this is the master posture, it’s too hard for me”. I learnt to overcome this posture in my mind. "What if I fall? Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” - Erin Hanson.


My yoga practice and teaching is constantly evolving as I learn from my fellow students and teachers. In 2017 I plan to balance my Yang and become a Yin Yoga teacher and further expand my knowledge. I am so committed to this yoga as it is forever giving and I am forever receiving. I love my job and I am very grateful.



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